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What Do You Call a Flying Priest?

As a member of the church community, one thing I never thought I’d do was fly in a private jet. It just seemed like something that was overly expensive and way out of reach, and to be honest, it still is. However, one of our congregation members owns a luxury jet charter company and offered to fly me to San Diego, CA over the weekend to visit my childhood friend who was sick. When I prayed to God and asked for a miracle, this was certainly not what I expected. But, I am very grateful. He picked me up on Saturday morning at 9 AM and we drove to the airport early so I wouldn’t miss my flight. We walked in with our luggage and we were escorted directly past security to our own private TSA checkpoint. I’ve only ever flown on a commercial airplane, so it was an interesting experience. After checking our luggage at the baggage area, we walked down the ramp and out of the airport to a private jet that was waiting on the runway for us. We booked the private jet through and scheduled for mid-morning departure. The flight only took a couple hours because of the immense speed the jet travels at. I was able to spend the entire day with my childhood buddy and bring him a nice lunch. Then, we hopped back on the jet and flew back home. It was truly a remarkable experience, and I’ll never forget the luxurious flight. Between the food, the luxury seating, the private charter, and the speedy trip, it was something to remember.

Church Trip Heating Issues

After spending two months straight fundraising for the latest church repairs, the other priest and I needed a break. We decided to let a visiting pastor run the mass services for the weekend and take a trip to Dallas, TX for a game. The state of Texas recently experienced the coldest temperatures since the 1800s.  It was -2 degrees.  I had flown in with another priest from the church for the Dallas Star’s hockey game but it was postponed.  I decided I’d make lemonade out of the lemons so I secured a room at a five-star downtown Dallas hotel and went and had a classy dinner.  When I got back, I was freezing cold.  I couldn’t wait to soak in a nice hot tub to relax and defrost.  I ran the water and went to get in but much to my chagrin, the water was ice cold. Needless to say, I was not happy…at all.  I called the office.  They sent the maintenance man to my room.  His cell phone was lighting up with one call after the next.  He told me he’d get back to me as soon as he could.  And…he did.  The boiler was busted, he informed.  The entire hotel was utter chaos.  “We are not about to pay top dollar to stay here with no heat and freezing cold water,” one man was shouting.  “Just wait until I post a review on your site,” another was fuming.  Management began giving vouchers to nearby hotels to keep the peace.  I can only imagine how much money they were shelling out. I overheard the boiler maintenance contractor saying that the thermostat had frozen up, the pilot light was broken, and the boiler would need to be repaired, so he found a boiler repair specialist from and scheduled an appointment. The boiler inspection uncovered all of the issues and a full replacement was required. The moral of the story is, don’t wait until the thermostat or boiler isn’t working to have it checked out. Schedule regular maintenance visits to keep it running smoothly.  Boilers are heavy duty and don’t require repairs often, but eventually things will need to be done on them.  Things, like thermostats, will need to be replaced. Hiring a heating contractor for an inspection costs very little, compared to a complete boiler replacement which usually costs a couple thousand dollars.

Dental Clinic Fundraises for Church

God is good, and every so often something happens that reminds us of what it means to believe in a higher power.  Diktuon is monotheistic at heart and we send representatives of the organization to visit local churches and volunteer when they need help. Over the past month, we witnessed something truly amazing. The Church of Remembered Saints in Albany County has been struggling over the past few years to maintain a consistent mass schedule having lost many priests and helpers to other churches in the local diocese. Last month, the priest ended the mass and asked everyone to stick around for an important announcement.  He informed the church congregation that if they were unable to raise enough money by the end of the month, the church would have to close its doors. Albany Dentures, a local dental clinic was a regular member of the congregation. Their head dentist, Donald, had gone to that church for years and decided to do something. He went to the owner and asked if they could perform dental services to raise money. Since then, Albany Dentures has provided denture installation, fittings and oral prosthesis repair for 37 members of the church and raised more than $50,000 to keep the doors open. This is truly a good deed and we’re excited to be a part of it.  For more information on the dental professionals that performed the work or to request service, you can call their front desk at (518) 535-3429.

The Unique Relationship Between Society, Religion and Spirituality

We are all aware of terms like society, religion, and spirituality because they were quite common in life. Regardless of, however, your parents brought you up, you are bound to come across these terms. But when it comes to the relationship that it shares, people often wonder about the entire process. Are they related, or do they talk about things in common? Well, let’s go ahead and delve deeper into this relationship to understand everything.

The Basis of Understanding

A human being’s character and their approach towards life is an indication of their perspective and how they view things. One of the many aspects that influences an individual’s perspective is religion and, to a great extent, spirituality. We tend to go forward and frame an understanding of life based on our interactions with religion and spirituality. People who have nothing to do with these terms tend to lead a different life, and people who value these aspects to the core have a lot to do with it.

Religion and Spirituality

So if their basis of understanding begins with religion and spirituality, then their outlook towards society will be the same. Individuals will start to view the members of a society based on their experiences with religion and the path which it deems to be right. While one can argue that religion alone cannot play a huge role, they cannot deny its prominence over human beings. As a result, the basis of understanding of an individual can be influenced by either religion or spirituality, which will form their interactions with society.

A Good or a Bad Relationship?

One cannot classify religion and spirituality as bad influencers without knowing what it means and what it stands to convey. While we have witnessed violent acts in the name of religion, they were commonly brought forward by people who failed to understand what their religion spoke about. Due to that, the many accusations against religion cannot be stated as a bad influence if individuals fail to acknowledge what it means. On the other hand, spirituality has often provided a different definition that is quite far from religion.

Being one with your soul and the different aspects of spirit tend to form the idea of spirituality. Due to that, they can never be termed as a bad influence. This is one of the main reasons why religion and spirituality tend to hold different positions in society. While they guide people through the same, they do not necessarily influence them in the wrong direction.

Hence, people who either follow or don’t follow a specific religion are valuable members of society, just like the individuals who are here to explore spirituality. Together, we form a team, and we need to stick to it.