Dental Clinic Fundraises for Church

God is good, and every so often something happens that reminds us of what it means to believe in a higher power.  Diktuon is monotheistic at heart and we send representatives of the organization to visit local churches and volunteer when they need help. Over the past month, we witnessed something truly amazing. The Church of Remembered Saints in Albany County has been struggling over the past few years to maintain a consistent mass schedule having lost many priests and helpers to other churches in the local diocese. Last month, the priest ended the mass and asked everyone to stick around for an important announcement.  He informed the church congregation that if they were unable to raise enough money by the end of the month, the church would have to close its doors. Albany Dentures, a local dental clinic was a regular member of the congregation. Their head dentist, Donald, had gone to that church for years and decided to do something. He went to the owner and asked if they could perform dental services to raise money. Since then, Albany Dentures has provided denture installation, fittings and oral prosthesis repair for 37 members of the church and raised more than $50,000 to keep the doors open. This is truly a good deed and we’re excited to be a part of it.  For more information on the dental professionals that performed the work or to request service, you can call their front desk at (518) 535-3429.

Stella Cook