What Do You Call a Flying Priest?

As a member of the church community, one thing I never thought I’d do was fly in a private jet. It just seemed like something that was overly expensive and way out of reach, and to be honest, it still is. However, one of our congregation members owns a luxury jet charter company and offered to fly me to San Diego, CA over the weekend to visit my childhood friend who was sick. When I prayed to God and asked for a miracle, this was certainly not what I expected. But, I am very grateful. He picked me up on Saturday morning at 9 AM and we drove to the airport early so I wouldn’t miss my flight. We walked in with our luggage and we were escorted directly past security to our own private TSA checkpoint. I’ve only ever flown on a commercial airplane, so it was an interesting experience. After checking our luggage at the baggage area, we walked down the ramp and out of the airport to a private jet that was waiting on the runway for us. We booked the private jet through https://www.luxprivatejetcharter.com/ and scheduled for mid-morning departure. The flight only took a couple hours because of the immense speed the jet travels at. I was able to spend the entire day with my childhood buddy and bring him a nice lunch. Then, we hopped back on the jet and flew back home. It was truly a remarkable experience, and I’ll never forget the luxurious flight. Between the food, the luxury seating, the private charter, and the speedy trip, it was something to remember.

Stella Cook